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Aspect Ratio

Date 28th March 2011 Category Home Theatre   

The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of the width of the image to its height, expressed as two numbers separated by a colon. That is, for an x:y aspect ratio, no matter how big or small the image is, if the width is divided into x units of equal length and the height is measured using this same length unit, the height will be measured to be y units.

For example, consider a group of images, all with an aspect ratio of 16:9. One... Read More

Home Theatre Lighting and Design

Date 27th March 2011 Category Home Theatre   

Uncontrolled ambient light can wash out colours on front projector systems. Insufficient ambient light can make viewing a movie in total darkness result in eyestrain. Properly placed accent lights can help draw the eye to certain features of your new home theatre.

Anamorphic - True Wide Screen Home Theatre

Date 27th March 2011 Category Home Theatre   

The Black Bars at the Top and Bottom of Your Screen are NOT Normal! A anamorphic lens system enable the delivery of a stunning True Widescreen image that fills your entire field of vision.  

Home Automation Explained

Date 26th March 2011 Category Home Automation   

More recent advances lie in the integration of  intelligent home systems — where the house's lighting, security, heating, cooling as well as entertainment all work in harmony and can be all controlled from one or a multiple of touch screens installed throughout the home

Subwoofer...that can be heard but not seen

Date 2nd February 2011 Category Home Theatre   

As in-wall speakers have grown in popularity, manufacturers have introduced in-wall subwoofers to complete the package.