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What size screen should I use in my home theatre?

Date 1st April 2011 Category Home Theatre   

There are allot of rules out there specifying how big a screen should be from seating distance. Allot of this has changed over the past few years with higher resolution projectors now on the market.

Are solid projection screens better than transperant?

Date 1st April 2011 Category Home Theatre   

A Huge misconception people have on Audio Transparent projection screens are related to the perforated audio transparent screens of the past.

Do I need an acoustically transparent screen?

Date 1st April 2011 Category Home Theatre   

A true movie theater is suppose to have an audio transparent projection screen but some people do not have enough room to place their speakers behind the screens so they compromise sound using a solid projection screen.

The Digital Smart Home

Date 30th March 2011 Category Smart Home   

How do you prepare your new home for tomorrows technologies?

Vision Living is a professional affiliate of  -  prepare your home for tomorrows technologies.

Video introduction to the digital smart home.

Crestron Corporate Video

Date 30th March 2011 Category Home Automation   

Crestron Corporate Video - The world of Home Automation