Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer

Sunfire ATMOS XT Series Subwoofer - XTATM265 (More information)

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Product Details

It will leave the rational part of your brain fighting for its life. The Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer is designed to give you the best possible low-frequency sound quality for your Home Theater experience.  It incorporates a tremendously powerful 1400 Watt built-in amplifier and a pair of drivers to produce tight, floor-rumbling, denture-rattling bass that you can feel as well as hear.

The Atmos subwoofer has an automatic equalization system which will tailor the subwoofer output to compensate for any room effects. Great bass performance through thick and thin. The role of any Surround is to keep the woofer on the straight and narrow as it moves back and forth. The straighter the woofer -- the better the fidelity. To best accommodate the longer ‘throw’ of the Atmos woofer, Sunfire engineers designed a unique Asymmetrical Cardiod Surround. The ACS got its name because of the varying thickness of the wall of the surround from one side to the other. So what does this all mean to you? It means the ACS allows up to 1.8 inches of ‘throw’ with tight, well defined bass that combines extreme output with very low distortion and a quality of sound that is unique to Atmos. Another state-of-the-art advancement artfully executed and timelessly designed.

ConfigurationDual Active
High Back-emf Design
StillBassTM Anti-Shake-
Power Output1400 Watts
Tracking DownconverterTM Power Supply
Soft Clipping Circuitry
Auto Turn-On
Auto Room EQ-
Level Control
Crossover Adjustment30-100Hz inf. var.
Crossover Bypass
Phase Adjustment0-180° inf. var.
Gold Plated Connections
XLR Input-
RCA Inputs/Outputs2/2
Speaker Level Inputs
Detachable Power Cord
International Voltage Selection
12V Trigger Input-
Removable IEC Cord
FinishBlack Gloss
Surround NameAsymmetrical Cardiod Surround™ (ACS)
Trim Ring
Driver Impedance4.6ohm
Frequency Response30-100Hz
Maximum SPL (inc. room gain)106dB
Input Impedance  
Speaker Level5.6kohms
Trigger Inputs  
Voltage Range-
Turn-On Current-
Power Consumption 120VAC, 50-60Hz (also available in 230V)300W typical
Dimensions (with feat)10.1" L (25.7 cm) x 8.9quot; W (22.6 cm) x 8.5quot; H (21.6 cm)
Net Weight32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
Shipping Weight40 lbs. (18.1 kg)