Jamo SUB800 (Ultra Compact)

Ultra-compact Active Subwoofer (More information)

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Product Details

The Jamo SUB800 is the first in the new generation of ultra-compact, powerful subwoofers.

At a very small size (20x20x20cm), the Jamo SUB800 can be placed wherever décor dictates. Its stunning finish and design make it a perfect partner for stylish, modern homes. Not only does the size allow greater freedom aesthetically, flexibility in placement also yields acoustic advantages.

The performance of the SUB800 belies its small size, easily outperforming many larger subwoofers by providing deeper, cleaner performance, even at high volumes.


The Jamo SUB800 is a front firing subwoofer featuring three 6½” drivers – one active and two passive. All drivers utilise high-stress aluminum cones for the best possible transfer of heat from inside the cabinet.

The active driver in front gives the most detailed midrange response, while the side-firing passive radiators allow for good acoustic coupling to the listening room. The built-in power amplifier is capable of a stunning 800W peak, while the efficient magnet-system of the active woofer converts the energy to a powerful, clean and articulate sound.


System Type: Single active, dual passive

Active Woofer: 6½”  (16.5 cm) Black anodised aluminium cone

Passive Woofer: 2 x 6½” (16.5 cm) Black anodised aluminium cones

Frequency Range: 42Hz-200Hz

Variable Low Pass Filter: 50Hz-200Hz, bypass

Variable Phase Control: 0° - 360°

Power Mode Switch: Off / Auto / On

Weight: 4.6 kg

Overall dimensions: 200 x 200 x 200mm (H x W x D)

Finishes: High Gloss Black / High Gloss White

Inputs: L + R Line in/Sub in

Amplifier: 800 Watts (peak)