Jamo SUB250

This Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer has a 200W amplifier and long-throw 8” woofer in a bass-reflex-enclosure, which gives it a level of performance unequaled in its class. (More information)

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Product Details


At the heart of this powerful subwoofer is a long-throw super driver, capable of moving large amounts of air with incredible speed and precise control. The result? More power and performance for fantastic movie effects and deep bass notes you feel as much as hear.

The compact SUB 250 adds strong, clear bass to any 2-channel or home theater system. And with two beautiful finishes to choose from, the SUB 250 can fit seamlessly into nearly any room.


The SUB 250 is equipped with a powerful 8-inch long-throw woofer unit housed in a unique slotted port cabinet with a BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 250 watts of peak power. The powerful amplifier, increased cabinet size and ported design, make this subwoofer capable of delivering both a higher sound pressure level (SPL) and a flat frequency response—all delivered, of course, with maximum musical fidelity and a flat frequency response.

The 8-inch driver features a 1.5-inch four-layer voice coil. Heavy magnet systems feature a vented pole piece in order to avoid extremes in pressure behind the dust cap (mechanical damping) when the cone is moving.

The Jamo SUB 250 is packed with high-performance features:

  • A BASH amplifier for high efficiency, with low heat buildup
  • A slotted port cabinet to reduce distortion and increase efficiency
  • Level, phase and cutoff controls to set the subwoofer to your preferences
  • Speaker level in for use if your amplifier does not have subwoofer outputs
  • The SUB 250 driver, designed to move air with speed and control

A powerful sub makes any system more dynamic and entertaining. The attractive, value-packed SUB 250 accompanies the other Studio series loudspeakers beautifully