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The B&W Panorama sound bar brings true home theatre, multi-channel surround sound to your TV. (More information)

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Product Details

Widescreen for your ears


 In 5.1 soundtracks, around 60 per cent of the information is actually sent through the centre channel. As such we have decided to ensure that Panorama 2 has the capability to deal with this by including a dedicated centre channel. Many lesser soundbars create a virtual centre channel by adding this information to the left and right speakers. But Bowers & Wilkins approach with Panorama 2 results in significantly greater clarity from the centre channel, especially when it comes to the vital dialogue in movies and when watching television.

Bespoke drive units

Foremost among the new technological developments for Panorama 2 are the new drive units. The key to good cinema performance is in the low frequency: it’s vital to make sure that the low frequency has the same fidelity as the mid and high frequency, as this creates a cinema experience that is absorbing and enthralling. Therefore we have carried out extensive development on the Panorama 2’s low frequency drive units to increase the linear behaviour, thus ensuring that the sound is clean and tight at even high sound pressure levels. 

Improved dispersion

Panorama 2 uses the same virtual surround sound algorithm as the original, however we have redeveloped the drive units responsible for the surround channels to have a wider dispersion characteristic. This results in a more integrated 3D sound field, giving a significant improvement to the surround sound performance. These drive units are housed in their own enclosures to ensure that each of these channels is free from any aberrations caused by other drive units.

Nautilus Tapering Tube™

Panorama 2 uses an aluminium dome tweeter with a Nautilus Tapering Tube, developed for the ground-breaking Nautilus™ loudspeaker. The shape of the tube is designed so that the rear radiation from the tweeter dome is slowly attenuated by the shape. This effectively creates an acoustic black hole stopping any resonances building up behind the dome that could detrimentally affect the tweeter performance.


Panorama 2 also incorporates Bowers & Wilkins Flowport technology. The dimpled holes around the port reduce air turbulence in the same way as a golf ball. The ports are ultra silent so the bass is clean at all listening levels


 Panorama set the benchmark for soundbar audio performance on its launch. Panorama 2 builds on this reputation, setting the bar even higher. The developments in Panorama 2 are based upon the cutting-edge technologies developed at Bowers & Wilkins for products such as the 800 Series Diamond, the new M-1 and PV1D, and Zeppelin Air. The combination of these technologies has created not only the best sounding soundbar on the market, but also has allowed us to create a product that is simple to set-up and use.