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4D Home Theatre finally available downunder

Be fairly warned, once you experience what D-BOX brings to a home theater, you will no longer want to go back to watching a movie without it. 

"I felt as if I was actually there"    "Incredible"     "I want one"   "How much?" ... These words echo from those luckier enough to experience watching a movie with D-Box Motion Code. 

What is D-BOX?  The D-BOX Motion Code™ System is a Motion simulator system currently available for consumer purchase that adds the next level to the home theater experience beyond traditional audio and visual.  D-BOX adds the elements of motion and vibration to movies through Motion Actuators that are attached to the viewer’s seating area.  These Motion Actuators are fed a signal by a Motion Controller that is in-synch with the on-screen action of the movie. Be assured, it cannot be described just as a shaking chair. The technology is extraordinary.

Types of available D-BOX equipment.  D-BOX offers several models of seating with all of the necessary Motion equipment already built-in, or add-on platforms are also available that can be attached to your favorite chair/loveseat/sofa. How does the system work?  Essentially, the D-Box motion code system uses patented technology to perfectly synchronise on-screen action in films, television programs or gaming systems to motions you feel in a D-Box-equipped platform or seat. The D-Box motion chair comes with up to four direct drive Actuators that are aligned under the four corners of your sofa/loveseat/chair.  The Actuators are capable of producing 2Gs of acceleration and lifting up to 250 pounds each (1,000 pounds in total for the four Actuators).  A control cable runs from the Motion Controller to the D-Box motion chair carrying the digital information that gets extracted from Blu-ray or DVD player.  This digital information tells the Actuators when, and to what degree, to engage in order to synchronize its motion and vibration to what is happening on-screen with the movie. 
D-BOX compatible DVD titles.  D-BOX does not require a special type of standard or Blu-ray DVD be used, rather the same big-studio DVDs that you already own, or can purchase from the typical retail or on-line store, will work just fine.  Some Blu-ray DVDs have D-BOX Motion Code directly embedded on the DVD itself (i.e. “The 6th Day”, “National Treasure 2”, “Die Hard 4”), but the majority of Motion Codes for Blu-ray and standard DVDs is available from D-Box’s Motion Code library which is stored in the Motion Controller.  The Motion Controller automatically downloads the Motion Code from its hard drive for the movie titles when a DVD is played.  That being said, not every Blu-ray or standard DVD has D-BOX Motion Code currently programmed for it.  Presently, there is close to 1000 Blu-ray DVD titles that are D-BOX compatible.  The list of compatible titles is available on D-BOX’s website and new titles are continually being added (which in turn can be downloaded to the Motion Controller via an internet connection).  In the event that a movie that does not have Motion Code written for it is played through the D-BOX Motion Controller, no motion will be created, however, the D-BOX will still produce Vibration from the movie’s bass soundtrack.
Conclusion. D-BOX has achieved the perfect balance of motion and vibration as its effects are strong enough to be felt, yet never too powerful to distract attention from the movie itself.  Having signed licensing agreements with several high-profile home entertainment studios (including Disney, Fox, Sony and Lionsgate), D-BOX appears to be much more than a niche technology. Audio and visual alone will lack this extra dimension that helps draw you deeper into the movie experience than ever before.
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    FINALLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA ... The D-BOX Motion Code Home Theatre Seating system adds an entirely new dimension to your Home Theatre. Live the Action of a realism without precedence. Available in a single or two seater JAYMAR love chair. Fully motorised... read more

For a demonstration, please feel free to visit the studio at Vision Living.