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  • Jamo R909 (Reference Series)

    As the very term suggests, the state-of-the-art is always, by definition, changing. Nowhere is that more true than with high fidelity loudspeakers. Enter the Jamo Reference R 909 (Available in Piano Black or High Gloss Red)
    (per pair)
  • Triad - OnWall Gold Surround

    Triad's new OnWall Gold Surround redefines the high-end surround speaker. An impressive seven-driver compliment in a dipole array offers high power handling and high sensitivity, for prodigious output and an enormous surround field. In large rooms or... read more
  • Paradigm RVC-12SQ In-Wall Sub with 850w amp.

    Finally a powerful minimalistic sub-woofer system that delivers deep-driving bass without taking up valuable floor space. Never having to consider where to place your sub-woofer again. Lets face it, sub-woofers are a pain in the proverbial when it comes... read more
    (per each)
  • Jamo 610 LCR (In-Ceiling Speakers)

    The IC 610 LCR advanced technology makes it the perfect choice for front, center and rear-channels in a home cinema solution. For room audio, it's the perfect choice when speakers are placed to the side of the room. The directional cones push the sound... read more
    (per each)
    Was  $699
    Save $70.