Fully automated, totally integrated lighting control.

Vision provides fully automated, totally integrated lighting control at the touch of a finger. Mood lighting for an intimate dinner, lighting that magically alters and subdues during the course of an evening get-together, illumination to read by, a welcoming light that brightens to show you the way on entering the home and then gently fades behind you.

Vision does it all, quickly, easily, seamlessly.

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C-Bus Lighting
C-Bus Lighting

Lighting is the soul of your home

Lighting offers security, convenience and comfort. It also helps create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Vision will also control your home's lighting and use it to help protect the security of the property while you are away. Clever programming automatically adjusts internal and external lighting sequences to mimic an occupied house with rooms, entrances and security lighting illuminating in typical random lifestyle patterns.

C-Bus Lighting

C-Bus Customisation

Vision Living can customize your C-Bus installation to control your motorised curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, water fountains, spa, garage door, or even change the radio station or TV channel from any light switch.

If you are considering installing electronic lighting such as C-Bus in your home or business, Vision Living can transform your lighting system into something very, very special.

Imagine these two scenarios.
  • Enter your home at 9pm, imagine selected lights gently welcoming you with 60% intensity.
  • Enter your home at 12 midnight, imagine the same lights welcoming you with only 10% intensity, being courteous to your tiring eyes or sleeping family‚Ķthe imagination and choices are yours.